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Take a look at some of our videos showing our range of watches in use. Our watches don’t just look amazing, they’re designed with outstanding performance too!

Diver One –¬†Paul Scurfield of Scurfa Watches – North Sea Dive

Divers View – A view of what it’s like diving in the North Sea

Scurfa Watches Diver One Silicon (first model) – Paul Scurfield of Scurfa Watches, testing out the original Diver One Silicon whilst saturation diving in the North Sea, water depth 79 metres.

Scurfa Watches – Here we see another trial with the original Diver One Silicon, water depth 79 metres.

Back to Bell – Paul Scurfield of Scurfa Watches making a return journey into the diving bell, the diving bell is an ex-Comex bell that is still used today. This was filmed in the North Sea at 79 metres water depth.

Blowdown With Diver One : Silicon

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